At we believe that….



–  there are easier and simpler ways to learn and teach golf than most of those prevailing in current teaching methodologies.


–  the human mind/body is very capable of working out ways to achieve a desired and understood objective in the most efficient way possible.


–  the painstaking construction of a golf swing by carefully assembling the different moves and components is both undesirable and unnecessary.


–  the quickest and most effective way of achieving basic good form is to see ones reflection whilst swinging and to be able to recognise good form.


–  the best way to gain a mental image of good form and to be able recognise it, is to watch pro golf on television.


–  the majority of flaws and errors in any golf swing are caused by tension and anxiety.                                                                                                                                         

–  the elimination of tension and anxiety in the golf swing brings quick sustainable improvement.                                                                                                               

–  quick sustainable improvement in turn plays a significant role in further reducing tension and anxiety.


–  no more than one swing thought should be in any golfers mind before making a swing.


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