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About Golftipfinder

Golftipfinder is a golf resource site which combines The Golf Tips Collection and the authors Golf Solutions Blog.

The Golf Tips Collection is a repository of golf tips which represent the philosophy of Golftipfinder. These are tips which work for us and will work for you too. Most of them come from our own thoughts and teaching methods. Some come from our readers who submit them to our site. Please submit your own tips to the site if you want them added to the collection. We reserve the right to edit them as we see fit and you will be credited as the source or you can opt to post them anonymously. These tips can be from any source including tips you have worked out yourself. We want to know what worked for you and might work for us. You can also submit questions on golf technique and we will give you answers.

The tips are sorted into categories and can be accessed from the right sidebar on all pages or the links at the top of each page. Users can also submit comments on the tips in the Comments section below each tip.

To post a tip or a question go to Post your golf tips and questions. Try and make your tip/question title descriptive and select a category from the drop down menu before you post it. This will enable readers to find tips specific to their needs or interests. You don’t need to register before you can post.

Please post as many useful tips as you can. Add comments  if you have them. Try and answer questions too.

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Our ambition is to become the best golf knowledge resource on the web. We would really appreciate your help and support.

Thanks for reading this, we hope to build a long and mutually beneficial relationship with you.


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About the Golf solutions Blog

Let me be straight up here and confess that I am a hacker. I started playing golf somewhat late in life and I am not particularly talented.  Golf Solutions is a blog and while this might sound like a strange blog topic for a middle aged hacker this is my excuse.

Hackers tend to be untalented, lazy, unfocused and impatient when it comes to golf. I am some of those things but I have devoted some time and energy to improving my own golf with a self developed technique and this is bearing some fruit. This will be the core topic of this blog over the months ahead. Golf Solutions might not be a solution for you. It has helped me. Please read on if you are interested. All posts after this one will be posted on the The Golf Solutions Blog on the menu link above.

The average handicap for both male and female amateur golfers worldwide is 15.2. The average score for all players worldwide is over 100. The reason for this apparent anomaly is that golfers who maintain a handicap are generally more enthusiastic and ambitious players and play more often. This statistic does not change much over the years and what it effectively means is that there is a huge pool of  late 80s/low 90s shooters out there who do maintain a handicap but don’t get much better.

There are no golfers that don’t harbour, to a greater or lesser extent, a desire to improve their games. I will split them into two groups.

The first group practice avidly at the range and on course. They take lessons and read golf instruction books. They usually have  some “natural ability”. They study the swings of the pros and build a mental image of what a correct swing looks like. They are generally competent players and derive huge satisfaction from a well executed shot, especially when it’s played in front of their peers. They also observe the swings of their playing partners closely. They are students of the game. I will call them Group A.

The other group, Group B are the “I only play for fun and good company “golfers. They rarely practice and their swings are generally flawed. They would love to improve their games but rarely do. Their approach is unstructured and they don’t pay much attention to the swings of their playing partners. They are not blessed with much natural ability. They are secretly embarrassed by their game and are often avid buyers of new equipment. This last point is important. It shows the extent of their secret desire to play better golf.

This leads us neatly into the subject of golf tips. What is a golf tip? A golf tip can be either a small and neatly packaged remedy to a golf problem or a piece of advice to improve overall golfing technique and performance.

Group A will tend to look for tips actively. They are searching to address a specific problem or weakness in their game. They will look hard and critically at a tip before trying it. When they do try it they persevere and the tip either becomes part of their game or is abandoned after a reasonable trial. To Group A, a good tip is an antibiotic or a vitamin. It addresses underlying problems and/or boosts their overall game.

Group B pick up their golf tips from magazines in waiting rooms, golfing partners and their Inbox. At best they may try a few swings in the garden with it but generally they test it for the first time on the first tee box. If it helps they will play a few more shots with it until they hit a shocker, then they dump it. They are hoping that the golf tip will prove to be a “magic bullet” which will turn their game around. To Group B a golf tip is like an aspirin. In the end it might make them feel a little better for a while but does not address the underlying problem. The underlying problem is a flawed golf swing.

Part of the purpose of this site is to collect and present a database of golf tips we consider to be valuable. They will be categorized to aid selection and available free to anyone who wants them. I hope you will all contribute tips and use tips you find on the site. Questions and answers can also be posted. Comments on tips can also be submitted. Tips and questions can be posted at the Post Questions link above.

Moving on to the blog…

In the Golf Solutions blog I am going to be primarily concerned with Group B golfers. I am a Group B golfer.

Group A, I envy and admire you but you need no help from me. I know you will find golftipfinder.com a very useful resource to quickly and easily find golf tips which work for you. I hope you will post golf tips and respond to questions. We need you. Please read on if you are interested. Please comment if you would like to.

I stopped playing regular golf 4 years ago due to work commitments. Before that I had played regularly for about 10 years. I started when my brother bought me a set of clubs for my 40th birthday. I instantly enjoyed the game and made some progress. I took some lessons and joined a club. I played regularly and my handicap ranged between 16 and 20. I  enjoyed my golf but rarely walked off the 18th feeling good about it.

After I stopped playing it became a habit to grab a beer from the fridge and a club from my bag and swing in my back garden in the evening. I pondered the game. Despite being very much a Group B golfer I am naturally analytical and like to find solutions to technical problems. This is what I came up with.

The golf swing is a complex movement with many moving parts. Most, if not all of these components are dependent on what happened before them and what happens simultaneously with them. In short it is a daunting task to learn and correctly apply when taught in the traditional way. I drank more beer and started working on a better way to learn a correct and useable golf swing. I wanted this swing to be robust and repeatable and to hold up under pressure. I wanted it to feel right and look good. I think I might have found something. In the Golf Solutions blog I will describe what I have found and tell you how to apply it. I have found a very useful and effective way to quickly and effectively drill good golf form into your game. Go to the blog and take advantage of this, it works.

Thanks for reading this.

Go to the Golf Solutions Blog if you would like to read more.

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