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Golf Sites   World Golf  is a very comprehensive golf site with a big readership and a high pagerank. Golf destinations, course guides and reviews come as standard. Equipment and instruction is comprehensive and deals are on offer. Well worth a visit.  Hugely authoritative site with an emphasis […]

The Golf Address Position 2

  The Golf Address Position  (for beginners) Here is a simple guide to the golf address position. This will give you the basics you need when you start playing the game. Stand upright with your feet a comfortable distance (approximately shoulder width) apart, feet very slightly splayed, back (especially your […]

The Address Position

how to grip a golf club

How to grip a golf club 2

How to grip a golf club Stand in the address position and lay the club head on the ground, midway between your feet and at a distance from them that the butt end of the grip falls against your leg midway between your hip and knee. Align the club face […]

Full swing

  Today I will describe the full swing. Continuing on from my last post Simple Backswing Part 2, this is the next post in the series where I describe  my own simple swing and teaching methodology. If you have not yet read the 2 preceding posts, please go back there first […]


Golf Ball Flight explained 2

The Mechanics of Golf Ball Flight   The physics behind golf ball flight will be familiar to many of you but for those who do not understand what causes the ball to adopt different patterns in flight, here’s a brief explanation. It is something we need to understand. Firstly we […]