Tips specific to putting

The Putting Stroke

  Using a conventional (as opposed to a long) putter there are essentially 2 ways to make the putting stroke. The first way is to take the putter back and inside the line. This involves turning (rotating) the shoulders to make the stroke.┬áBecause your spine is at an angle the […]

Square contact in putting

  An easy way to make sure that you are making square contact in putting is to draw a straight line around the circumference of a ball with a fine marker. I do this by carefully placing a rubber band around the ball so that it follows the circumference then […]

Speed or break?

      Long putts are always daunting. Chances are a longer putt will have more break considerations to deal with than a short one. It might also have more than one break. All considered it would appear that there is just too much to deal with. Often we end […]


Long putt tip

  Long putts can be daunting. We find ourselves trying to figure out two different problems and generally end up making a terrible stroke because we have not really worked out the speed or the break. Here is a long putt tip that will generally prevent too many 3 putts. […]

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