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The Golf Address Position  (for beginners)

Here is a simple guide to the golf address position. This will give you the basics you need when you start playing the game.

Stand upright with your feet a comfortable distance (approximately shoulder width) apart, feet very slightly splayed, back (especially your lower back) straight, your arms hanging by your sides. Spread your weight about 55% on your heels and 45% on the front of your feet.

From the waist bend forward about 20 degrees keeping your back and legs straight. Look down and bend your knees until they cover the lower end of your shoelaces. Let your arms hang loosely straight down from your shoulders and clasp them together. You are in the address position.

The exact degree of inclination of your back will be determined by a number of factors, principally, your physical stature and the length of the club you are playing. It is very important that keep your back and especially your lower back straight.

Repeat the exercise with a mid length club. Adopt the correct grip. Go to How to grip a golf club if you need information on the grip. Lay the club end on the ground and move it away and back towards yourself until your arms are hanging almost vertically and comfortably. Your arms should be straight but don’t lock your elbows. Your hands should be very slightly in front of your shoulders. There should be a fairly pronounced angle between the club and your arms.

Move around, waggle, get comfortable. Try and develop a feeling of being poised, athletic and balanced. You are in the address position.

Golf Address Position

Be sure to have your weight balanced between the front of your feet and your heels with a very slight bias toward your heels. There is a good reason for this. When you swing a club you are creating a centrifugal force in front of your body which is trying to pull you forward. If  your weight is already on the front of your feet this will have a tendency to pull you off balance. If your weight is more toward your heels, you will naturally and subconsciously allow some weight to transfer to the front of your feet and thus remain balanced.

Well that’s the basics of the golf address position. You will adjust your position as you progress but this is a good base point to start from.



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