How to grip a golf club 2

How to grip a golf club

Stand in the address position and lay the club head on the ground, midway between your feet and at a distance from them that the butt end of the grip falls against your leg midway between your hip and knee. Align the club face to the target. With your right hand place the upper end of the grip into your open but relaxed left hand. The grip must lie in the groove between the base of your fingers and your palm with the last half inch of the grip extending beyond the little finger of your left hand. Fold the fingers of your left hand around the grip. Extend your left thumb down and along the top of the grip.

Bring your right hand across to your left and lay your right little finger along the groove between the index and middle fingers of your left hand. Fold the other fingers of your right hand underneath the grip. Your right thumb goes over the top of the grip and rests lightly on the top end of your right index finger.

The “vees” formed between the index fingers and thumbs of both hands should point approximately at your right shoulder.

Lift the club and settle your hands on the grip. The grip should feel secure in your fingers. Feel that you are gripping the club principally with the base of your fingers. Do not grip too hard. You only need to grip hard enough to prevent the club slipping within your grip. Any harder and you will affect the quality of your shots.

how to grip a golf club

The grip described above is the classic or “Vardon” golf grip and is used by the majority of golfers. An alternative is the interlinked grip which differs only in that the right little finger and left index fingers interlink. A third and little used alternative is the “baseball” grip where the right hand lies below the left and makes contact without any overlap or link. Don’t use this grip.

Now you know how to grip a golf club, practice by forming the grip, letting it go and reforming it many times. You will soon find it natural and easy to do. When you are comfortable with it the only changes you will ever need to make will be “strengthening” or “weakening your grip. This is golfing terminology for turning the shaft anti clockwise (strengthening) or clockwise (weakening). This deals with the “shape” of your shots, ie. whether they fly straight, curve left or curve right. Go to Ball Flight Explained post for more information on this. With these adjustments your actual grip stays the same, only the shaft is turned in your grip.

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