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The hands are the interface between the body and the golf club. They have a very important role to play but it is very important that the hands do not get too active. This grip tip will show you how to do that.

For right handers it is important not to grip the club with your right thumb and forefinger. The forefinger should wrap around the grip and the thumb should rest on the end of the forefinger. The right thumb and forefinger should play an essentially passive role in the grip. They simply rest on the grip. Keep the grip in the groove between the base of your fingers and the palm and keep your hands as “quiet” as possible.

There is a tendency if the thumb and forefinger play too much of an active role in the grip to “over manipulate” the club and cause errors in the strike. Think “hit through the ball with the hands as a unit”. This will give much more accurate and predictable results .

Try this. Remove the right thumb and forefinger from the grip completely and swing the club. Hit a few balls and you will notice the difference in flexibility and feel.

The same applies for left handers, remove your left thumb and forefinger. For a quick tutorial on the grip basics go to how to grip a golf club.

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