Bunker shots


When setting up to play bunker shots, open your stance so that your feet are aiming left of the hole. Then open your club face so that it is aiming at the hole and regrip it. Swing firmly along your foot line and the ball will pop out, nice and high and roll towards the hole.

You must make sure to take a nice “slice” of sand out directly underneath the ball. Develop the feeling of taking out a “divot” of sand from under the ball. To do this the club head must be accelerating as it hits the sand and cuts through it. Too many players “whack” the head of the club into the sand and think the jobs over.

With bunker shots distance is controlled to an extent by how much of a divot you take. For short shots take a deeper divot, the reverse for longer shots. Be careful the club head does not bounce off the surface of the sand and “skull” the ball. Go in slightly more vertically to prevent this.

Bunker shots are not nearly as difficult as they look. Grab a bucket of balls and practice in a bunker with good sand. It will pay dividends to your score quickly.





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