Chip and Pitch tip


Are you having problems with your short game around the green? Those little chip and pitch finesse shots can be daunting and the crisp contact needed to get the right outcome can be hard to achieve with any consistency.

Here’s a tip which will build that all important confidence in your short game and ¬†give you that crisp contact we all look for and which sends your ball to where you want it to go.

I had huge problems with this area of the game and almost developed the “yips” when setting up to shots which needed very accurate execution. I cured this using the technique below and while this is not a strong part of my game now I approach it with confidence and don’t do too badly.

Before I dive into the details, let me emphasise that practice in this area of the game always pays big dividends. If you have any kind of garden you can practise there. Ten minutes a day will turn your short game around. Get some of those lightweight hollow balls and this will add some longer swing practice to your routine. Do it, it’s fun. Now lets get into the tip itself.

Pitch and chip shots are difficult because of the short swing involved.The big problem with a short swing is that the club head speed is relatively low and it is very easy to “give up” on the shot before impact and fail to accelerate through the ball through fear of hitting it too far. Slowing down as you make contact with the ball is almost always disastrous.

When you are playing a full shot you have no thoughts or concern that you might be too fast through the ball and your club head speed helps you go through to a correct finish.

Here’s a simple tip which will help you finish your chip and pitch shots and certainly improve your results. It is very simple. Your club must go as far on the follow through as it went back on the back swing. Swing it through that arc with conviction and hold your finish to prove you followed the rule. Regard the whole swing as a single event. The ball is incidental.

Keep your body, arms and hands very relaxed throughout this shot.

Practice these shots regularly and you will soon have a feel for how far back to take the club. Keep your body as quiet as possible but make sure you have a proper shoulder turn. 

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