How I gained 20% extra club head speed



Club head speed and hitting the ball off the sweet spot are the two factors which play by far the greatest role in how far the golf ball travels. Other factors like trajectory and spin play a part also but a much smaller part. It is thus important to build club head speed into your swing.

Club head speed is largely determined by application of good technique. It does depend to some extent on your stature and physique but technique is far more important. The application of correct technique will give you the mechanical advantage you need to get that club head really moving.

The mechanical advantage you need is achieved by a late uncocking of the wrists which “adds” to the speed you have already imparted to the ball with your arms as you swing the club. It is very similar to the casting action in fishing. You sweep the rod forward with your wrist bent backward initially. As the rod comes past you ear you flick your wrist forward adding huge speed to the tip of the rod.

Now the important thing here is that the tip of the rod (or the club head) reaches its greatest speed just before it passes the hands. If the club head passes the hands before contacting the ball you are wasting club head speed.

You have to concentrate on keeping your left arm straight through the contact area and beyond. In addition to this you need to keep the hands slightly ahead of the club head through contact with the ball. You will not actually be able to keep the left arm straight much beyond the impact point but by trying to do it you will gain extension and club head speed. By doing this you can be sure that the club head is accelerating through the ball position.

It is vitally important to prevent flipping the club through impact and allowing the club head to get ahead of your hands. this will result in weak high shots. Develop a feeling of having the club “trailing” your hands throughout the down swing.

Secondly, keep the angle between your club shaft and your arms constant for as long as possible in your down swing. It should be at about 90 degrees from the top. The accelerating club head will eventually force you to release this angle into the ball. Allow this too happen. Don’t do it intentionally. Get the feeling that the club and club head are trailing your hands.

Another important consideration is to stay loose and fluid throughout the swing. If you tense up you will lose club head speed and compromise the quality of your contact.

Try the above advice without a ball and listen to the difference in club head speed you are developing. Apply these three techniques and you will soon be getting some serious pace. Work at this and build your club head speed.

Just remember you are not building this speed through muscular effort or exertion. You must do this through building technique. If you are doing it properly it will seem strangely calm and almost effortless.




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