Head behind ball at impact


When playing full shots it is always a good idea to remember “head behind ball at impact”. Play the shot as you normally would but develop a sensation of your head tilting slightly to the right just before contact with the ball. Your upper body will assist in this motion, it is a simple and slight torso and head tilt. With correct technique it becomes automatic.

As the hips turn they should shift towards the target. This adds power and club head speed. Because of this forward movement of the lower body, in order to remain balanced and centred on the ball the torso tilts very slightly to the right and the head goes slightly behind the ball position. This is called the reverse “C” position. 

You will of course continue watching the ball as you do this as well as after the ball position after it has has departed. If you are doing it correctly you will sense a definite impression of looking at the ball from fractionally behind it at impact. Your head should remain in this position until it is pulled up by your shoulder rotation into the finish position.

Done properly it will add considerable power to your shot. It will add elegance and good form to your swing. Develop a feeling of tilting your torso slightly right and your head behind the ball and you will be in the classic impact position. Practise this in front of your window or mirror and you should see the good form it produces. Watch the pros and you will see them do exactly this through impact.

Don’t resist this in any way. Do it, it’s good golf. It has the added advantage of making the follow through arm position more natural by creating space for your arms.

This is one of the moves that is most often absent from a poor players swing and always present in a good golfers swing. It’s easy to implement and pays big dividends.






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