Hit through the ball


Always hit through the ball rather than at it.

It is never a good idea to regard hitting the ball as the object of your golf swing. If you can think of the swing as the object in itself and that the ball just gets in the way at one point your ball striking will improve quickly. I find it helps if I don’t look at the ball itself, but rather at the point on the back of the ball where you want the club face to make contact. You will find this makes keeping your eye on the ball easier and avoiding looking up before contact. This is a common and very bad mistake.

Think of the process as hitting through the ball and allow the ball to occupy less space in your mind as you make your swing. One famous teacher (I have a feeling it was Harvey Penick) used to attach a string to the ball of his students and he would randomly pull the ball away as the student was swinging into it until they learned to ignore the ball completely.

Think of the point at which the club face meets the ball as a “contact point” which is incidental in the whole process and not crucial. Make a good swing and finish it properly. The ball is a small event in the process. It is simply a point in the swing path which the club head should travel through. Hit through the ball every time. Watch your ball striking improve.




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