In the wind

Before playing any shot in golf it is worth considering the effect that wind might have on your shot. If there is no wind obviously don’t worry about it., but if there is any wind capable of moving the tree tops, stop and think.

If you are planning to fade or draw a shot pay particular attention to wind direction. A fade played in a left to right wind will definitely end up further right than you anticipated. A draw when it is right to left will go too far left.

For some reason side spin on a ball makes it more susceptible to being blown off course when the wind is in the same direction as the curvature on the ball flight.

When the wind is behind you it will add considerable distance to balls which are hit high. If it is is blowing towards you, you will lose distance on balls hit high in the air. If you hit shots with backspin into a wind blowing towards you they will balloon high and lose a lot of distance. It is definitely worth taking one club more for these. Get used to adjusting your club selection to allow for the prevailing wind. Remember also, if you are protected by trees, you might not feel the wind. it is quite possible that above the trees there is a strong wind blowing. The treetops themselves will tell you. In this situation choose a club and a swing which will keep the ball lower.

Putts, particularly long ones are quite susceptible to the effects of strong wind. I prefer to wait a short while to see if the wind drops for a moment, rather than try and factor in what effect the wind will have on my putt.

It is of course, also possible to use the wind  to shape your shots. Use it creatively and you will find it can be your ally. Drop balls delicately on the green into a headwind, gain 20 yards on your drive when it is  behind you. Shape your shots right and left also.






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