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A new way to keep your head still.

I read an interesting golf tip on the internet last night. It was on a very good site at Go over there and have a look when you have a moment.

This tip showed some images of Ben Hogan in a swing sequence. Ben had a cigarette in his mouth in this sequence and the interesting point was that throughout the swing sequence the cigarette remained pointing at the ball. It is unknown whether Ben was doing this intentionally as an aid to keeping the head still or whether he was just having a smoke while he practised on the range (He was sponsored by Chesterfield at the time).

head still

This afternoon I borrowed a cigarette at the range and started hitting balls. I started off hitting half wedges and concentrated on keeping the cigarette pointing at the ball until well after it had gone. The first thing I noticed was a peculiar sense of  “stability” during the swing. The body and arms turned fluidly through the shot and the head remained effortlessly still throughout. I hit some good shots too. I certainly felt that I was keeping my head still.

Why does this work? My feeling is that because the eyes now have an extra reference point they become more efficient at actually picking up unwanted head movement. Could be I was moving my head in my swing without being aware of it.

Possibly the active attention the golfer now has to pay to keeping the cigarette pointing at the ball keeps the mind clear of other thoughts which might play a negative role in the swing.

Overall I was impressed by this tip and will explore it further. If this holds up and I end up having to take this to the course I am going to have to find a very long tee to keep in my mouth (or take up smoking again!)

Seriously, try this. It definitely has merit. Head on over to the site I linked to earlier in this post. The article is called “Learn to keep your head still from Ben Hogan”. There are many other good tips there.

If you do try this out please leave a comment below on how it went. Thanks.


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