Keep your eye on the ball


eye on the ball



We are always told “keep your eye on the ball” in golf instruction. The purpose of this is to prevent us from looking up before ball contact to see where the ball has gone. It is of course vital that you are looking at the ball when the club head makes contact with it. Here is a good way to make sure that happens.

As you play your shot keep the thought in your mind that you want to see what the grass under your ball looks like. That way you will keep looking at the “ball” until long after it has gone. This serves a dual purpose.

Firstly hand/eye coordination. Without the “eye” part there can be no hand/eye coordination. You need to be looking at the ball to hit it properly.

Secondly, because you have your eye on the ball you are keeping your head still which plays a significant part in the execution of a good golf swing. It adds stability to the process and reduces extraneous movement. Test this theory, hit 5 little pitch shots allowing your eye to shift towards your target just before your club makes contact with the ball. Hit another 5 keeping your eye on the ball and then the grass underneath it after its gone. I guarantee the second 5 will be better shots.





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