Lag in your golf swing


Of all the tips I have tested and tried over the years this is the one I still consciously use every time I play the game. I call it my best ever tip. The key here is lag.

I try and have the feeling throughout the down swing and until the follow through, that the club head is lagging behind my hands, arms and body and that I am “pulling” it down and through the ball. Start from the top and get the feeling you have left the club head behind as you start the down swing. Don’t let that club head catch up until you are through the contact zone.

In reality it will catch up just before or at contact with the ball. If you are generating any reasonable speed at all in your swing you will not be able to prevent it. If you can get this feeling in your swing you will be generating club head speed automatically and will not be tempted to hit “at” the ball with your hands. Avoid this at all costs.

Also delay uncocking your wrists during the down swing. They will do this on their own just before the contact zone. Pull the butt end of the club directly towards the ball on the way down and everything else will happen on auto pilot. Make this your best ever tip. Put lag into your swing.


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