Long putt tip


Long putts can be daunting. We find ourselves trying to figure out two different problems and generally end up making a terrible stroke because we have not really worked out the speed or the break. Here is a long putt tip that will generally prevent too many 3 putts.

A long putt often ends up 10 foot short or long. They rarely end up 10 foot right or left. This happens because we are trying too hard to get speed and break right and getting both wrong, but getting the distance more wrong than the direction. Unless there is huge break on the putt direction errors are less of a problem than distance errors. Just try and work out which side of the hole you want to start the putt on then concentrate on the speed. Read the break first obviously, but pay more attention to distance than direction and you will almost certainly 2 putt if you don’t sink the first putt.

Distance is a feel thing and the best way to improve here is to practice. Start with a bucket of balls. Hit one ball to any spot on the green, then try and get the others as close as you can to the original ball. Repeat with a different distance. You will find initially that your groupings are more affected by distance than direction which proves the point.

A few words on distance here which might help you. Golfers are divided into two camps where the subject of distance in putting is concerned. The first camp is more scientific and judges distance by the length of the back swing. Many of them are good putters and have obviously developed the ability to repeat the speed at which they accelerate the club head. 

The second group are “feel” putters and tend to “tap” the ball with a sharpish little stroke based on what feels right. Brand Snedeker is a good example of this. To me this is a more natural way to putt. The mind/body combination is extraordinarily good at working these things out if you allow it to. 

Try them both and see what suits you.





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