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We all have days when our game deserts us on the course. We try a few different things but nothing seems to help. Try this quick fix and get your game back quickly.

Firstly stay balanced and swing within yourself. Forget everything else but accelerate hard through the ball. Let the club just drop from the top and then whip it through the ball position. Forget about hitting down on the ball or taking a divot, just sweep the ball off the ground with an accelerating club head. It will work with all your clubs right down to your wedges. it is a very good illustration of how important it is to accelerate through the ball. It is probably also effective because you are simply dropping the club from the top and not accelerating too early. That’s a fault responsible for many bad shots

This method gives crisp contact and high ball flight and soon puts you back in charge. Your confidence will flood back and you will soon be back to normal. Once you are back on track you can  get back to more finesse, shaping shots and putting spin on the ball.

But be sure to take one important lesson from this game saver. Acceleration through the ball is an absolute must in every shot you play. Save the acceleration for this point in your swing on every shot you play and reap huge rewards for it. It will fix many of your golfing problems.

Its a great quick fix and a great game saver. You might not bring your “A” game to the course every time you play, this way you can be sure that you can fall back on your “B” game when you need to.

You never know, you might even find that this becomes your “A” game.


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