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The two most important swing keys

    Two Swing Keys Here are two easy to implement tips which will make a massive difference to your golf if you can build them into every swing you make. From your putting stroke right through to your full swing these are stroke savers you simply cannot afford to […]

The Release

The release in golf is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the game. Golfers spend an inordinate amount of time and energy trying to get the release correct and seldom make much progress. They are generally unsure how to release the club or when to do it. The irony […]

Take a divot

  I imagine that you, like me and most golfers, when you first played the game saw the process as “sweeping” the ball off the ground with the club head and sending it on its way. This is in fact the case with the woods and of course, the putter. […]

Hit down on the ball

  We are often told to “hit down on the ball” or to “take a divot“. This is very sound advice and the core difference between hackers golf and golf as it is meant to be played. The principal characteristics and advantage of a shot played like this are firstly […]

Swing plane tip

  Here’s a useful swing plane tip for you. A lot is said about the subject of a single swing plane in golf. Certainly it makes sense to try and swing in both directions on the same plane. That said, quite a few PGA professionals (notably Jim Furyk) do very […]

Chip and Pitch tip

  Are you having problems with your short game around the green? Those little chip and pitch finesse shots can be daunting and the crisp contact needed to get the right outcome can be hard to achieve with any consistency. Here’s a tip which will build that all important confidence […]

Short Game Magic

  It is very easy on your short game pitches and chips to start rocking your shoulders as opposed to rotating them. Because these are shorter swings where the club head never ends up behind the golfer, it is easy to forget to rotate the shoulders and simply to take […]

The Putting Stroke

  Using a conventional (as opposed to a long) putter there are essentially 2 ways to make the putting stroke. The first way is to take the putter back and inside the line. This involves turning (rotating) the shoulders to make the stroke. Because your spine is at an angle the […]

Square contact in putting

  An easy way to make sure that you are making square contact in putting is to draw a straight line around the circumference of a ball with a fine marker. I do this by carefully placing a rubber band around the ball so that it follows the circumference then […]


The shoulder turn

The shoulder turn is crucial in the golf swing and unless your shoulder turn is correct your golf swing will be compromised. During the swing be constantly aware of a smooth shoulder rotation around the upper spine. It is vital to avoid raising or lowering either shoulder. The shoulders rotate […]

Another grip tip

  The hands are the interface between the body and the golf club. They have a very important role to play but it is very important that the hands do not get too active. This grip tip will show you how to do that. For right handers it is important […]

Golf Ball in Grass

Slow it down

  Golf is an infuriating game. You can hit an inch perfect lay up then thin the approach shot to 30 metres the other side of the green. You can’t really work out why the first shot was so good and the second so horrible. Chances are you did very […]

Stop hitting it fat

  If you are having problems chunking the ball or hitting it fat, try this. In your backswing keep your left leg braced slightly towards the target. This will prevent you moving or swaying too far to the right during the swing which can move your swing center behind the […]

Ball Position

  If you are having problems with misdirected shots the first thing to look at is your ball position. Your ball position has a lot to with the initial direction of departure of your ball. For a quick tutorial on what controls ball flight and direction go to Ball flight […]

Use a Strong Grip

  There are some significant advantages to using a strong grip. Lets have a look at some of them. One of the most difficult aspects of the golf swing is the turning over or rolling of the forearms through the hitting zone. It is a very difficult movement to time […]


  This is one of the weirder tips you will find on this site. It was given to me by an old teaching pro. I have tried it and produced some good shots but the jury is still out on this one. “At the top of your swing pause for […]

Head behind ball at impact

  When playing full shots it is always a good idea to remember “head behind ball at impact”. Play the shot as you normally would but develop a sensation of your head tilting slightly to the right just before contact with the ball. Your upper body will assist in this […]

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