Slow it down


Golf is an infuriating game. You can hit an inch perfect lay up then thin the approach shot to 30 metres the other side of the green. You can’t really work out why the first shot was so good and the second so horrible. Chances are you did very little different in either shot, You were just lucky to hit the ball off the sweet spot in the first. This is probably because you have not developed enough consistency in your game.

Consistency obviously requires practice and application. There are however a few quick changes you can make to your game which will instantly improve your consistency and your scoring. The change I want to discuss today is all about tempo.

“Slow it down” is probably one of the best pieces of golf advice you will ever hear. There are very golf swing faults which cannot be solved or eliminated by slowing down your golf swing. All over the world we see high handicap golfers “lashing” at the ball with 100% effort. We very rarely see any good shots resulting from these wild lunges.To be able to make a good swing at 100% effort you need to be a very good golfer.

How often do you see high handicap golfers lashing at the ball? How often do you see a good result from all this effort? How much poise and balance do you see in these swings?

Of course the irony is that by slowing everything down to 85% and making good contact with the ball you will hit it much further and straighter than with the the 100% shot.

I call this the 85% rule. Its very simple. Never, and I mean never, swing a club at more than 85% of full effort. Slow it down to 85% and see what happens. You will be astonished.

Your swing will be smoother, better controlled and more accurate. Your contact will be crisp and predictable. Best of all you will lose little or no distance and gain hugely in accuracy.

It is important to realize that distance depends as much on good contact as on club head speed. It is also important to realize that distance in the wrong direction is not an advantage.

Apply the 85% rule to your whole routine. Line up methodically and assume the address position in an unhurried and deliberate fashion. Carry this through to the execution of the shot.

This approach will save you many shots and accelerate your progress in all aspects of your game. Its one of the easiest improvement tips around and you must use it. Abolish that clumsy desperate lunge at the ball and take the considered measured approach. You will find you have more fun and score better, guaranteed.

Slow it down and improve your golf in every sense. Have a look at the Golf swing transition tip also for more information on this important aspect of the golf swing.







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