Speed or break?


speed or break



Long putts are always daunting. Chances are a longer putt will have more break considerations to deal with than a short one. It might also have more than one break. All considered it would appear that there is just too much to deal with. Often we end up just taking a stab at it and hoping for the best.

Lets try and break this down and see if we can apply some logic to this process. We need to work out what are the most important aspects to concentrate on and then make our putt with a definite objective.

 When considering a long putt we should concentrate more on the speed than the break.

The break on a putt will have far more influence when the ball is travelling slowly. Thus it makes sense to pay far more attention to the late breaks than early ones on a long putt. Play your putt concentrating more on the speed and allow for any late break in your aim.

Try and imagine the path the ball will take in the last ten feet of it’s roll and try to get it to that point at the right pace. Use that point as your direction guide and send your putt off along that line concentrating mainly on the speed.

I judge distance almost entirely by “feel”. I allow my subconscious to take over and send the putt off with a stroke that feels right for that distance. Take a last look at your target, look down at the ball and send the ball on its way. Trust your innate natural ability to get it right.

If you need any help with your stroke have a look at The Putting Stroke.




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