We all watch pro golfers effortlessly stopping their balls on the green and sometimes pulling them back towards the hole with spin. You must remember these guys play with new clubs with new sharp grooves. They also use very soft balls. All this makes spin a lot easier. We can also achieve spin with average equipment, not as much certainly, but it is not as difficult as you might think,

When you need spin on the ball move it slightly back in your stance which will enable you to hit down on it more. You are delofting the club by doing this so compensate with club choice.

You need to achieve the correct “ball first then turf” sequence in this shot. I try to imagine the divot I am going to take as I make the shot and have a real sense of hitting sharply down onto the top of the ball. Of course contact is still with the back of the ball but don’t have that in your mind during this shot.

Of course a soft ball and good fresh grooves on your club will help enormously, but go ahead try it with your own equipment and you will soon be stopping it up.

There is a much more detailed article on the subject of spin at How to put backspin on a golf ball. Go on over there and have a look.




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