Strong grip tip

 Use a Strong Grip

Although it is often  recommended to grip the club at least partly in the fingers you must be careful not to overdo this. You need to strike a balance between feel and flexibility on the one hand, and stability with a degree of  solidity on the other. Feel and flexibility comes from the fingers. Stability and solidity comes from the palms.

It is obviously desirable to repeatably and predictably present the club face to the ball square and a bias towards the palms will assist in this. This sometimes goes against what feels natural as gripping with the fingers gives the illusion of being more in control of the club. Relinquishing some of this control is very often a good thing. Try this out yourself and evaluate what is best for you.

When playing with a strong grip, which I recommend, you must grip the club principally in your palms. This will help in preventing premature closing of the club face and a hook which is a strong possibility with this grip.

Avoid over experimenting with the grip. Find out what suits and keep it. If you don’t you will spend the rest of your golfing life changing your grip on the course and end up like Sergio Garcia. You need to find a grip that works for you and get really comfortable with it. Changing your grip is one of the most difficult changes you can make so get it right and stay with it.





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