Swing plane tip


Here’s a useful swing plane tip for you.

A lot is said about the subject of a single swing plane in golf. Certainly it makes sense to try and swing in both directions on the same plane. That said, quite a few PGA professionals (notably Jim Furyk) do very well almost ignoring swing plane altogether. I would not recommend ignoring swing plane. If you can swing on plane it makes golf a lot simpler.

One very simple way to stay on plane is this. Throughout your back swing and down swing keep the right elbow (for right handers) as close to your body as possible. Only at the top, on the back swing will your right elbow be pulled briefly away from your body. It must return to your side as soon as you start the down swing. Develop a feeling of resisting the right elbow from moving away from your body at the top and you will fall into an on plane down swing naturally and easily.

Plane will come naturally if you develop the feeling also of the club being in the same place relative to your body on the way up and on the way down. But above all, keep that right elbow close to your body and your swing plane will take care of itself. It’s the best swing plane tip I know. 

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