The Release

The release in golf is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the game. Golfers spend an inordinate amount of time and energy trying to get the release correct and seldom make much progress. They are generally unsure how to release the club or when to do it. The irony here is that it is this very attention they are applying to this problem which is preventing them from finding a solution to it.

The release is defined as that moment in the swing when the wrists are uncocked to allow the hands to deliver the club head down into and through the ball. If the golfer thinks that an accurate and satisfactory strike is dependent on accurate release timing and execution then it is not surprising that this causes anxiety. Fortunately the truth is very different.

Firstly, there is a considerable amount of leeway in the timing of the release. All the golfer needs to do in this respect is make sure that his hands are ahead of the ball at impact. This is important because if the club head overtakes the hands before contacting the ball, a weak flipping action will result. This will never produce a good golf shot.

If the hands are ahead of the ball at impact a satisfactory downward strike on the ball has a much better chance of producing a good shot. The amount that the hands are ahead of the ball is not crucial so leeway is built in.

In actual fact, if the golfer is generating any pace at all in his swing he does not even need to consider the timing of the release. The release will happen whether he likes it or not. Just pull the butt end of the grip down into the ball and everything else will happen on it’s own. It helps to make a conscious effort to get the hands ahead of the club head at impact and this will also generate extra pace.

In all aspects of the golf swing there is much to be gained by adding simplicity. Modern instruction tends to over analyse the swing and lose focus on what we are actually trying to achieve. With a few carefully chosen fundamentals much of the complexity can be cut away and the game becomes simpler and easier to master.

Now you can stop worrying about the release and tick that off the list of things you need to concern yourself with.


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