The two most important swing keys



Two Swing Keys

Here are two easy to implement tips which will make a massive difference to your golf if you can build them into every swing you make. From your putting stroke right through to your full swing these are stroke savers you simply cannot afford to ignore. Neither are new or revolutionary, you will have heard them many times already. Most of us, however, tend to forget or ignore them over time perhaps because they are so basic and simple that we have difficulty in believing how important they are.

These swing keys do not deal with the different components of the swing itself but rather offer two pieces of advice which apply to the whole swing process. I will deal with them separately.

The first can be encompassed in two simple words,”stay loose”. Now let me back up a little here and tell you how I came to write this post. This afternoon I was out in a local school field hitting flop shots from a waste area onto the football field.itself. I was not doing too badly but not really happy with the quality or consistency of the strike. I think subconsciously I was getting a little rigid in the arms and shoulders in an effort to deliver the club’s leading edge to the ball with the accuracy necessary in these shots. The net result was a mix of slightly fat, nicely struck and slightly thin shots. Eventually I stood back to give it some thought. I was aware of the tension in my upper body so decided to take a different approach.

I returned to the ball and consciously relaxed every muscle in my body starting with my grip. Instead of obsessively trying to deliver the club head to the ball with pinpoint accuracy I swung back with loose muscles and an easy tempo and then back and through the ball in the same manner. The result was the clean “snick” of good contact and a nice lofted flight. I hit another 20 or so shots with good results and left for home well pleased with myself.

The important thing here for me was how I had actually achieved more by doing less. By loosening up my swing and, importantly, my tempo, I allowed and trusted my body and mind to achieve the desired result with minimal interference on my part. Sure, you have to have the basics correct before this can happen, but then you must allow things to happen rather than force them to. Perhaps the greatest example of this was the “liquid” swing of Ernie Els from some years ago when he was a regular winner.


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The second of these swing keys I want to mention today is “watch the ball”. However I want to go a little further than that but down the same path. I have definitely improved my ball striking by watching the ball until long after it has gone. Recently I have started watching the exact spot on the ball that I want the club face to make contact with and this does make a difference. Try and keep both those swing keys in mind when you swing and keep reminding yourself to do it. It is so easy to take your eye off the ball before contact without even knowing it.

I recently watched some great super slow motion shots of Roger Federer playing in the Australian open. He keeps on watching the empty air spot where the ball was when he hit it until well after he has finished his follow through. Quite remarkable.

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