Weight Distribution



Weight distribution is an important component of both the set up and the full swing.

In the set up the weight should be distributed between the heels and the balls of your feet with a slight bias towards your heels. Because your arms and the club develop centrifugal force during the down swing, this can pull you forward and off balance if you have insufficient weight on your heels. Your weight should also be evenly distributed between your feet.

Although your weight should shift slightly to the right side (for right handers) during the back swing, it is a good idea to limit the amount of weight transfer. If you maintain a very slight outward (toward the target) bias of the left knee throughout the back swing you will control the weight shift left perfectly.

Another good control is to maintain a feeling that your weight remains on the inside of your right foot from address to the top of your back swing and you will prevent excessive weight shift and sway to the right. Don’t let your ankles freeze up though. Keep them supple and allow them to move naturally.

Your weight should remain between your feet throughout the swing until the finish, where it should be almost directly above your left foot. Shifts in weight distribution during your swing should be slight and measured. You should never feel unbalanced at any point and retain a well planted  feel throughout. You should be able to stop at any point in your swing and feel in balance. Remain supple and this will happen naturally.



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