Wrist tip


One of the greatest favors you can do for your golf game is to build strength in you wrists. Having strong wrists is a tremendous asset in golf. There are many methods to add strength to your wrists, including specific routines and equipment in gyms.

Here is an easy wrist tip to add strength to your wrists and you can do this sitting in your favourite chair at home while watching golf on TV. Take a dishcloth and twist it in opposite directions between your hands as tight as you can and hold it there briefly. Reverse the direction to work both wrists in both directions until they start to tire. Give them a half hour break and then do it again.

Basically you are pitting each wrist against it’s opposite number and thereby gaining strength in both of them.

Also find exercises to strengthen your forearms. You can do this with a squash ball in your hand by rhythmically squeezing it. Also lift moderate weights with your forearms upper side upwards and pivoting from the elbow.

As with all exercise, repeat until you start to tire and feel some pain in the relevant muscles. Motion is better than a static retention against a force. Exercise with this in mind.

Put this wrist tip into effect now. You will see benefits quicker than you think.









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